托福口语 TPO36 是怎样的?

托福口语 TPO36 是怎样的?

                                                 托福口语 TPO36 1~6简介    

托福口语 TPO36 Task1: Advice on Starting School

托福 TPO36 口语 task1 题目 Question:

What advice would you give to a child just startingschool? Why do you think this advice will be helpfulto the child? Use details and examples to explainyour answer。

托福口语 TPO36 Task2: Fresh Food and Ready Meals

极速彩票APP托福口语 task2 题目 Question:

Some people prefer to buy the food that is alreadyprepared. Other people prefer to buy fresh food andprepare meals by themselves. Which do you prefer? Explain why, using details and examples in youranswer.

托福口语 TPO36 Task3( 听力阅读题目): Allow Laptops in Class


Allow Laptops in Class

Though most of us own laptop computer, we arecurrently not allowed to use them during class. Ithink this policy should be changed. Since most of ustype faster than we write by hand, taking notes on acomputer would be quicker and easier, so we could pay more attention to professor 's lectures. Also, since laptop computers have internet access, professors could direct students to view Websites with useful information while lectures are going on. They could look up useful facts andbackground information on a topic or view different photographs or illustrations of somethingthe professor is describing. This would help students gain a more complete understanding oflecture topics.

极速彩票APPSincerely Jodie Smith


Now listen to two students discussing the letter.

W : Did you see this letter in the paper?

M : Yeah, but I don 't think it' s a good idea.

W : Why not?

M : Well, cause I think students would pay even lessattention to the professor; not more 。 I think they 'd be too much of distraction。

W : How so?

M : Well, maybe some students would actually use laptops to take notes...

W : I would。

M : Ok, you would,but a lot of people, most people, would be too busy playing around withthem instead。You know,surfing the Internet, emailing friends,playing computer games, thatkind of stuff。

W : Huh ... so you really think they 'd pay less attention ?

M : Yea,really I think that 's what would happen.

W : Alright, but what about her second point? Don 't you think if students had them in classprofessors would be able to use the Internet as a teaching tool?

M : Well, the problem with that is that not everyone has a laptop computer。Only some peoplehave one。

W: True...

M : So, you see, not everyone would be able to follow along. It wouldn 't be useful as a teachingtool if only some students could follow along ,but not others.

W : I see what you mean.


The man expresses his opinion of the proposal thestudent makes in the letter. State his opinion andexplain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.

托福口语 TPO36 Task4( 听力阅读题目): The Suspension of Disbelief

Reading Part:

The Suspension of Disbelief

As members of an audience, we can best enjoy thethe performance of a play if we become emotionallyinvolved with the events and characters on stage. Butto do this, we need to forget that what we see onstage is only imaginary, and pretend instead-temporarily-that it is real. This ability totemporarily put aside, or suspend, our doubt and believe that the action of a play is real iscalled the suspension of disbelief. Suspending disbelief enables viewers to become more andmore absorbed in the play as they watch the story develop, and to respond emotionally to theevents and characters as if they were real.

第 Listening 部分

So for example, back when I was in college one of myroommates, Richard, was in a play I went to see andwhen he first walked out on stage, I have to admit Iwas a little distracted。 Richard was dressed up like anold man。 I could tell that his hair was colored grayand he was pretending, you know, to be older, so hewalked more slowly; the way an older person would, but at first I only saw him as my roommatedressed up to look like an older man, but then as the play went on I began to think of him lessas the guy I lived with and more as this older man who was a father; one who had worked veryhard for his family, the family in the play and in the play the father gets sick and so, is out ofwork, which you know, caused me to become a little sad and because of the father 's long illness, the family was worried that they wouldn 't have enough money to pay the bills and this mademe feel worried too。 Well, in the end, what happened was the family all came together andeveryone found jobs and started working。 They all pitched in to help in the time of crisis, so thefamily gets by and pays their bills and soon after, the father recovers from his illness and thismade me feel relieved and even rather happy。


Explain how the example from the lecture illustratesthe suspension of disbelief.

托福口语 TPO36 Task5( 听力题目): Time Conflict

Listen to a conversation between two studentsdiscussing plans for the weekend.

极速彩票APPM : Hey Samantha ! I heard there 's a big ski tripplanned for this weekend.

W : Right! The ski club 's going up to MountHenderson this weekend.

M 。 That 'II be fun。

W : I know, but I kind of have a problem。 My cousin called and she 's coming here this weekend。 She has some kind of conference in town on Saturday and anyway, she wants to get togetherfor dinner Saturday night。

M : So what 'd you tell her?

W : Oh course I couldn 't really say no and anyway, I' m looking forward to '{} seeing her. She 's alot of fun . It' s just that.

M : Now you have to figure out how to see her and go on the ski trip.

W : Exactly,How can I do both ? Got any ideas ?

极速彩票APPM : Well, you could explain to her that you already made plans to go on the ski trip。 Ask her ifshe 'd be willing to come to town on Friday instead of Saturday。 That way you two could gettogether before her conference starts。

W : Hmm ... I 'm sure she' d be willing to come on Friday if I asked her to. '{} Then we could goout to dinner Friday night instead of Saturday night.

M : And you could go skiing on Saturday like you planned.

极速彩票APPW: Yea , the only problem is that I 'm a little worried about offending her. You know, asking herto come early so I don 't have to change my plans.

M : Well, you did make plans to go skiing first.

W: True.

M : But, I do have another idea: you could just go for part of the ski trip.

W : What do you mean?

M : Well, instead of going on Saturday with the rest of the group, why don 't you just drive upto Mount Henderson on Sunday? That way you get to spend Saturday night with your cousinand you could meet the group and go skiing on Sunday.

W : Wow ! That 's another good idea. It' s just that I 'm not sure it' s worth it '{} to go up onSunday. I 'd only get a couple hours of skiing in and then it' d be time to come back.


极速彩票APPUsing the examples from the professor 's lecture, explain how snails survive in hot and dry climate

托福口语 TPO36 Task6( 听力题目): A Lecture in a Biology Class

Listen to part of a lecture in a Biology class

So, we know animals in many climates have todevelop strategies; ways to protect themselves whenthe weather becomes especially hot and dry in thesummers. Lets start talking about how one smallcreature, a snail, can do this. Now, as you know, asnail is a very small creature with a soft, moist body, most of which is protected by a hard shell. A snail isa good example of an animal that has developed certain strategies for coping with hightemperatures and draught, or lack of water. First, to avoid the heat when the sun comes out, snails move into the shelter of vegetation ... you know, plants or leaves, to get out of the sunand into the shade.Now, of course the ground can become very hot in the sun. It absorbs andradiates heat, so snails will move up off of the ground to places where it is cooler. They mayattach themselves to a wall or a tree where it is cooler than on the ground. Now, it 's not justheat that snails need to worry about . They also need to avoid drying out due to lack of water, so during a really warm, dry day or during the summer months , snails secrete a sticky, slimysubstance made up of calcium and it covers the opening of their shell; covers and closes it up . This keeps the moisture inside the shell and prevents the snail from drying out. Snails canstay inside their shells closed up like this for a long time, even several months if it# s a reallydry summer. Their bodies, well everything slows down and so they don 't need food. They cansurvive on what food they' ve stored up, but when it rains and water is available again, thesnail opens up its shell to get some.


Using the examples from the professor 's lecture, explain how snails survive in hot and dry climate。


你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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                                           托福口语 TPO37task1-6简介

托福口语 TPO37 Task1: Nutrition and Health

托福 TPO37 口语 task1 题目 Question:

In order to teach young people about good nutritionand health, your school is planing to require studentsto take cooking classes in addition to other subjects. Do you think this requirement is a good idea? Why orwhy not?

托福口语 TPO37 Task2: Students and Teachers

托福口语 task2 题目 Question:

Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement? Students will learn more if the teachersare kind and friendly.Use specific examples anddetails to support opinion.

托福口语 TPO37 Task3( 听力阅读题目): Room Phones Are Unnecessary

Reading Part:

Room Phones Are Unnecessary

极速彩票APPAs part of the cost of student housing,students playto have phones in their dormitory rooms. I thinkthis is unnecessary, and the university shouldremove the phones from student 's rooms. Roomphones are not needed since students all havephones we can use to make calls instead. Removing the room phones would also have a costbenefit for students,since we would save money if we didn 't have to pay the cost of phoneservice for the rooms.

第 {32 部分:

W: Hey Jimmy! Did you read this ?

M: I did, yeah. What do you think about it ?

W: I don 't know. I don' t think it 'd be a very goodidea.

M: Oh yeah? But it 's true that a lot of us have our own phones。

极速彩票APPW: Yeah , but it 's good to have both. The service we get with our own phones isn 't alwaysreliable. Maybe it' s because there 're a lot of hills around here, but my service doesn 't workthat well in this area. A lot of times calls get cut off where the reception isn 't good. I can' t hearthe person on the other line.

M: Yeah, I 've had some friends say that too actually.

W: So it 's good to have a backup option; something we can use if our own phones aren 'tworking.

M: I see what you mean,but when you think of the money。。。

W: Well f I don 't buy his argument there either because I don' t know if you 've noticed this onthe housing bill we get from the university, but right now we only pay per call.

M: Oh really?

W: Yeah,so if you don 't make many calls, you don' t pay much。 I mean, if you use it a lot ofcourse you 'll pay more, but students can avoid that if they just avoid using it as much aspossible。

M: Oh , I see. Ok...

W: So, I think they should just keep it the way it is now.


The woman expresses her opinion about theproposal described in the letter. Briefly summarizethe proposal. Then state her opinion about theproposal and explain the reasons she gives forholding that opinion.

托福口语 TPO37 Task4( 听力阅读题目): Communal Nutrition

极速彩票APPReading Part:

Communal Nutrition

极速彩票APPSome kinds of social insects live in large groups orcolonies in which different members of the colonyhave different tasks to keep the colony runningsmoothly。 Some members of the colony areresponsible for providing appropriate food for theentire colony。 These insects typically practice communal nutrition。 They gather differentkinds of food and bring it to the nest to be shared by all members of the colony。 Theyinstinctively adjust and regulate the food they provide to meet the particular nutritionalneeds of the different members of the colony at any given time。

listening part :

Ok, so here 's a good example of this among ants. Ants live together in these large nests and certainants, the forager ants,have a particular job to do. They go out each day to look for food items; leaves, seeds, fruit, things like that and then these ants bring them back to the nest, so all the otherants can eat them. Now, the forager ants don 't just bring back whatever they may happen tofind. They bring back different kinds of food . For example, adult ants normally like to eatthings that are rich in sugar because they need energy to carry on other activities in the nest, so at a time when the colony is composed mostly of adult ants, the forager ants look forpieces of fruit and other sugar -rich items. They bring these back to the nest for the adult antsto eat to get the energy they need, but there is a time of the year when baby ants are born. Now, the baby ants need a different kind of food. They need food that will help them grow intoadults, so their food needs to be rich in protein. So now the forager ants do somethingdifferent. They start to gather more food items that are rich in protein, like certain types ofleaves or mushrooms. This way the young ants get the protein they need to help them grow.


Using the example of ants, explain the concept ofcommunal nutrition。

托福口语 TPO37 Task6( 听力题目): Art History Class

Listen part

极速彩票APPSo last class we were talking a bit about the historyof photography and as I was saying, with theinvention of the camera in the mid to late 1800s, for the first time people were able to record realisticimages. Up until then, painting, portraits, landscapes, were the way that realistic images wererecorded; the image of a person 's face, the paintingof a mountain range, but with the invention of the camera, now there was this new piece oftechnology; this machine that took realistic images and this had an enormous effect onpainting. One effect was that painters began using photographs as a tool; a tool to help thempaint more realistically. Before the camera, it was extremely difficult to realistically depict amoving object in a painting, but now photography was able to capture fleeting moments; freeze them in time and painters were able to use these photographs as a basis for theirpaintings. For example, the legs of a horse as its running. Photography could now capture theexact position of a horse 's legs in midair, which a painter could use to more realistically create apainting of horses galloping . Photography also affected painting in a more conceptual way. The fact that cameras could now perfectly record realistic images led some painters to changetheir style; to stop painting realistically and adopt a more abstract way of painting. Anabstract style enabled painters to contrast their art with photography, to set their art apartfrom the art of photography. They didn 't want their paintings to look anything like photographs. They wanted their art to be more imaginative, more abstract. For example, if a painter werepainting people f he or she might not use natural skin tones for the skin and instead paint thepeople 's skin unnatural colors, like green, purple, or blue, which of course is not realistic.


Using points and examples from the lecture, explaintwo ways that photography affected painting。


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