雅思口语”聪明的人 “范文有哪些?

雅思口语”聪明的人 “范文有哪些?

雅思口语 Part 2&3 作文总结在哪里找?

不用担心,麦考瑞 雅思张老师为大家整理了雅思口语 Part 2 & 3 考官范文: 聪明人。希望以下内容能对您的雅思口语考试有所帮助。关于雅思备考的更多内容在 麦考瑞 雅思。

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Describe an intelligent person you know。

You should say:

who this person is

when and where you first met them

what kind of person they are

and explain why you think this person is intelligent。


Ok right then, well the person that I 'd like to talk about is one of my university coursemates called Nick, because he 's honestly one of the smartest people I know。 And we 've been friends ever since I started university, because I found myself sitting next to him in our first lecture, and we (kind of) just got talking。

极速彩票APPAs for what kind of person he is, well um, I guess the best way to describe him would be sociable and likeable, coz I mean, although he 's a super smart guy, he 's not arrogant in the slightest, and he gets on well with pretty much everyone in my year.

Anyway, moving onto why I think he 's intelligent, well first of all, he always does really well in all our exams, you know, like coming top or second in most of them。 And what 's amazing is that he doesn' t seem to study (all) that hard, but still manages to do so well。 For example, as well as studying, he s also got a part-time job, which I m sure must take up quite a bit of his time。 So it 's really impressive how he' s able to do this without it affecting his studies whatsoever。

And another thing is that whenever the lecturer asks a question, he always knows the answer, and sometimes he 'll just whisper it to me because he feels a bit embarrassed to answer every time!

So yeah, I 'd say he' s a really clever guy, and I feel very lucky to have such a good friend。

高分表达 Notes:

I found myself -我不知道。

he s not arrogant in the slightest -他一点也不傲慢。

pretty much everyone = 几乎所有人

he doesn 't seem to study that hard, but still manages to do so well - 他似乎没有那么努力学习,但是他仍然可以做得很好。

So it 's really impressive -here, "impressive" means 很棒

...without it affecting his studies whatsoever. -这一点也不影响他的学习。

(At university, we often say "lecturer" instead of "teacher")

That 's about it then = 可能就这样了

I 'd say = I think

He 's always been able to help me whenever I' ve had any difficulties with my studies.

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_ Describe an intelligent person that you know. You should say: _ _ Who he/she is; _ _ What he/she does; _ _ Where you know him/her; _ _ And explain why you think him/her intelligent. _


1) 这个问题是这个季节的话题和新的话题卡。

极速彩票APP2) 今天要更新滴滴卡,做 “我认识的聪明人”。是不是我身边的人是没有限制的,所以我也可以在电视上说名人。

3) 话题分解,第一个问题 “Who he/she is What he/she does”,即 “人物简介” “关于这个人是谁,他做了什么,他的职业是什么,或者他有什么好。

4) 接下来,“Where you know him/her”,即 “知道背景”,可以回答你知道什么时候、在什么情况下的人。

5) 最后一个问题 “And explain why you think him/her intelligent.”,即 “smart 在哪里” “,也就是说,给出你认为这个人因为他/她的成就而聪明的原因?因为他/她做了什么?或者只是因为他/她的表现。

6) 今天 Joy 分享我认识的两个聪明的人,一个是王宇恒,另一个是大学室友。



口语的聪明人 Part2[] 高分素材的逻辑图和音频

I 'd like to talk about Mr Li who was my Maths teacher. Mr Li has won lots of prizes for his excellent lectures. In addition, he has published two books. One is about techniques involved in exercises related to geometry and the other is about algebra.

Well I knew him as soon as I entered high school as he was responsible for teaching us Maths。 Every week we had about 6 maths lessons and Mr。 Li 's lectures were always full of laughters。 Usually, at the beginning of the class he would invite a student to talk about what we had learnt last class。 Then he would introduce new knowledge and principles before showing us samples and asking us to do exercises。 Mr。 Li always uses cartoon characters to represent certain Maths concepts, which are really amazing。 For example, he used to draw women to stand for sets and little boys to stand for subsets。 This is because sets contain subsets and the relationship between these two concepts is similar to that between mum and son-a mum gives birth to children。 In this case, concepts and theories which are supposed to be complex and boring turn out to be interesting, which helped us to remember them firmly。

Now let me tell you why I regard Mr。 Li as intelligent。 First of all, it 's because he really has a sound grasp of Maths。 No matter how difficult the exercise is, for Mr。 Li, it 's like a piece of cake。 He can always find out the most convenient way to solve Maths exercises。 In addition, I think it is even more difficult to let others understand the way to solve problems than solving problems by yourself。 However, Mr。 Li manages to do so。 He turned that abstract academic knowledge into something lively。 It was because of him that I started to be attracted by Maths。 I am so proud that I have such an intelligent teacher。


1 \ grasp n. 捕获; 理解; 控制

例: She has a good grasp of the material。 她对材料有很好的理解。

2 \。lively adj。 生动; 真实; 活泼

例句: Liquor was a kind of liquid food to him and made his mind lively. 葡萄酒对他来说是一种液体食物,可以让他的头脑变得活跃起来。

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雅思口语 part2 主题卡: Describe an intelligent person you know 聪明人/聪明人

思路: 以下思路仅供参考。希望大家根据自己的真实经历写出答案。

回答这个问题的关键是 {2 的定义。它可以指那些为人类科学的发展做出了巨大贡献的人,如霍金、杨振宁、屠呦呦等。也可以参考那些掌握了很多知识的人,而且可以申请的人,比如医生、工程师等等,甚至可以参考以前解决过一直存在的问题的普通人。他们可能是他们在书中读到的朋友、亲戚或人。这些可以作为这个问题中描述的对象。


Describe an intelligent person you know

You should say:

Who this person was

How old this person is

What he does

and explain why you think he or she was intelligent


下面是 麦考瑞 薛老师根据具体题目要求给出的参考答案原文:

请不要复制北京 麦考瑞 、上海 麦考瑞 和 麦考瑞 的文章。

The person I am going to tell you is Stephen Hawking, a world-renowned scientist. He was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. He was also the director of a research department and the professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

我要告诉你的是世界著名的科学家斯蒂芬 · 霍金他是英国理论物理学家、宇宙学家和作家。他还担任剑桥大学研究部主任和数学教授。

极速彩票APPWhen he was 21st, he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, which affects and causes the deaths of neurons that control the brain and the spinal cord. At first, this article is from Laokaoya website, the doctor predicted that he could only live for another two years. But he kept fighting and did not die until 2018 when he was 76 years old.

21 岁时,他被诊断患有运动神经疾病。这将逐渐影响并导致控制大脑和脊柱的神经死亡。起初,医生预测他还会再活两年。但他继续战斗,直到 2018年去世,享年 76 岁。

Stephen Hawking had done profound work in physics, especially in the theories about the university and the black hole。 Due to my limitation of knowledge, I could not understand his various researches and conclusions, but from the reports on the newspapers and comments of other scientists, I know he made a great contribution to the development of cutting-edge physical theories。

史蒂芬·霍金在物理学,特别是宇宙和黑洞理论方面进行了深入的研究。由于我知识的局限性,我无法理解他的各种研究和结论,但是从报纸上其他科学家的报道和评论来看, 我知道他为前沿物理理论的发展做出了巨大的贡献。

However, what makes me think he was intelligent is not his research, but his several works of popular science. He magically turns those boring, complex figures and equations into something the general public can understand and arouses their interest into this subject, which is amazing.


Part 3 添加问题

Do you think smart people tend to be selfish?

极速彩票APPWho do you think plays a more important role in a child 's development, teachers or parents?

Why are some children more intelligent than others?

以上薛老师为大家带来的就是关于聪明的人 雅思的内容

发表于 2019-06-11
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