【写作】A 小作文

主题:  The bar chart shows the percentage of people who can drive in 15 minutes to various services in UK。 The chart compares the people living in urban areas and living in rural areas。 _

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features _ _ _ and make comparisons where relevant. _


极速彩票APP这个 Task1 是一个静态直方图。城乡人口分别为 15 min} 对比了学校、邮局、医院等 6 种服务设施乘车到达的比例。由于题目中没有给出时间范围,所以写作可以用一般现在时。


The bar chart gives information about how many people residing in urban areas and rural areas of UK can get to six different services within a 15-minute drive.

极速彩票APPIt can be seen clearly that in rural areas, most of the key services such as post office, supermarket, and educational services including primary school and secondary school are not within a 15 minute drive time for all, while in urban areas, only primary school is not accessible after a 15 minutes 'drive.

极速彩票APPThe greatest difference observed in driving time between rural and urban areas is to the secondary school. To be specific, 60% of rural residents can reach their nearest secondary schools after a 15 minute drive or less, compared with of people in urban areas of UK. As for the services like post office and 100% supermarket, while 100% of urban residents have access to them in a 15-minute drive, only 80% of rural people do. Primary school is the only place that people living in neither rural nor urban areas are all likely to reach after a 15 minute drive; and the figures that indicate accessibility are 85% and 90% respectively.


① reside in: 生活在

(2) accessible: adj. 可达

3 observe: v. 观察

4 be likely to 可能

这台机器的真题解析由以下 麦考瑞 留学老师制作


麦考瑞 网校雅思教研老师,英国达勒姆大学毕业; 英语专业八级; 高中英语教师资格证书证书; 英语专业八级; 高中英语主要是雅思托福等留学考试。参加 麦考瑞 网校 World English A2 和 B1 、新雅思 6.5 写作和新雅思 7 写作的设计策划与制作。

A 大作文:

主题: _ Some people believe that spending money on developing technology for space exploration is unjustifiable, there are more beneficial ways to spend money. To what extent do you agree or disagree? _

问题类型: 同意与否

主题: 科学与技术

解决问题的思路: 本课题题为《态度与态度》,探讨利用资金开发探测宇宙的技术是否合理。人们认为,还有许多其他领域需要资金投入和更多回报。如果你对这个话题不认同,除了说出反对的理由外,还需要承认它的合理性,然后反驳它。


The past several decades have seen extraordinary progress achieved in the field of space exploration. The Hubble opened our eyes to the universe; Armstrong stepped on the moon; the Mars probe Curiosity carried its mission to our neighbour planet, not to mention a number of scientists and astronauts working in the space station. Some people doubt whether money spent on those studies were really worthwhile, since there are more down-to earth areas in need of financial support. However, I do not think the two are mutually exclusive.

While it is reasonable to focus development on basic infrastructures and public services such as education and medical care, we should not confine ourselves to a comfort zone and stop exploring the outside world。 Take resources as an example, the coal and oil are running out on earth, but scientists may find an alternative form of energy in the outer space。 If there is a devastating catastrophe happening on earth in the future, people might migrate to other planets and keep our civilization。 Such benefits of universe study are neither immediate nor direct, but they are crucial to our long-term survival。

Moreover, investment on technologies for space investigation can also be conducive to civil development。 Looking much closer to home, the armada of satellites orbiting the Earth that beams information to telecommunication and navigation systems, broadcasts television programmes and monitors the weather is part of a global space network。 Besides, some thermal insulating materials on the outer layer of spacecraft are now applied to ships and buildings to prevent fire。 These are daily services which we take for granted, and are rarely considered as “space exploration”。

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that the financial support on space project are by no means a waste of money. Although some other aspects also demands investment, the government should not stop allocating budgets on researches towards the universe.


① Mars probe: 火星探测器

极速彩票APP(2) worthwhile: adj。 值得做; 性价比高

(3) devastating: adj. 毁灭性的; 巨大的破坏

④ armada: n。 大型船队、船队等。

5 beam: v。 发射 (无线电波); 广播

⑥ thermal insulating materials: 隔热

⑦ by no means: 从不; 一点也不


你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

发表于 2019-06-10

Section 1 & Section 2 重点场景 (生活): 旅游交通、法律咨询、图书馆。

Section 3 & Section 4 重点场景 (学术): 小说鉴赏、时空观、本土建筑。

Section 1

Questions 1-10

Questions 1-5

Complete the notes below.

Write no more than two words and/or a number for each answer。

Transport form Bayswater

Example Answer
Destination Harbour City

Express train leaves at 1.........

Nearest station is 2。。。。。。。。。

Number 706 bus goes to 3。。。。。。。。。

极速彩票APPNumber 4.........bus goes to station

Earlier bus leaves at 5.........

极速彩票APPQuestions 6-10

Complete the table below。

Write no more than one word and/or a number for each answer.

Transport Cash fare Card fare
Bus 6$......... $1.50
Train (peak) $10 $10
Train (off-peak) before 5pm or after 7.........pm) $10 8$........
9.........ferry $4.50 $3.55
Tourist ferry (10.........) $35 -
Tourist ferry (whole day) $65 -

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Questions 11-14

Which counsellor should you see?

Write the correct letter, A, B or C

_ A Louise Bagshaw _

_ B Tony Denby _

_ C Naomi Flynn _

11 if it is your first time seeing a counsellor

12 if you are unable to see a counsellor during normal office hours

13 if you do not have an appointment

14 if your concerns are related to anxiety

Questions 15-20

Complete the table below。

Write no more than two words for each answer。

Workshop Content Target group
Adjusting what you need to succeed academically 15…………students
Getting Organised use time effectively, find 16………….between study and leisure all students
Communicating talking with staff, communicating across cultures all students, especially 17…………
Anxiety 18…………, breathing techniques, meditation, etc. students about to sit exams
19……….. staying on track for long periods 20……….. students only

Section 3

Questions 21 -30

Complete the notes below.

Write no more than three words for each answer.

Novel : 21.

Protagonists: Mary Lennox; Colin Craven

Time period: Early in 22。

Plot: Mary UK -meets Colin who thinks he 'll never be able to 23.They become friends.

Point of view: “Omniscient”-narrator knows all about characters' feelings, opinions and 24。

Audience: Good for children -story simple to follow

Symbols (physical items that represent 25.):

。the robin redbreast

。26 ............

。the portrait of Mistress Craven

Motifs (patterns in the story):

。the Garden of Eden

。secrecy -metaphorical and literal transition from 27。

Themes: Connections between

。28 。。。。。。。。。。。。and outlook

。29 .............and well-being

极速彩票APP。individuals and the need for 30 。。。。。。。。。。。。

Section 4

极速彩票APPComplete the table below。

Write one word only for each answer。

    Time Perspectives
Time Zone Outlook Features & Consequences
Past Positive Remember good times, e.g. birthdays. Keep family records, photo albums, etc.
  31………. Focus on disappointments, failures, bad decisions.
Present Hedonistic Live for 32........... ; seek sensation; avoid pain.
  Fatalistic Life is governed by 33........ , religious beliefs, social conditions. Life’s path can’t be changed.
Future 34……….. Prefer work to play. Don’t give in to temptation.
  Fatalistic Have a strong belief in life after death and Importance of 35……….in life.

Questions 36 -40

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

36 We are all present hedonists

A at school

B at birth

极速彩票APPC while eating and drinking

极速彩票APP37 American boys drop out of school at a higher rate than girls because

A they need to be in control of the way they learn

B they play video games instead of doing school work

C they are not as intelligent as girls

38 Present-orientated children

A do not realise present actions can have negative future effects

B are unable to learn lessons from past mistakes

C know what could happen if they do something bad, but do it anyway

39 If Americans had an extra day per week, they would spend it

A working harder

B building relationships

C sharing family meals

40 Understanding how people think about time can help us

A become more virtuous

B work together better

C identify careless or ambitious people

Answer key

Section 1

极速彩票APP1 \。9.30 (am)

2 \。Helendale

3 \。(103)/(104)

4 \。(number/no./#) 792

5 \。8。55 (am)

6 \。1.80


8 \。7。15

9 \。commuter

10 \。afternoon

Section 2

11 \。C

12 C

13 \。A

14 \。B

极速彩票APP15 \。first year

16 \。(right) balance)

17 \。(117)/(118)

18 \。relaxation

19 \。motivation

20 \。(121)/(122)

Section 3

21 \。The Secret Garden

22 \。(the)twentieth century)

23 \。walk

24 \。motivations

25 \。abstract ideas

极速彩票APP26 \。roses

27 \。dark(ness) to light(ness)

28 \。health

29 \。environment

30 \。human companionship

Section 4

31 \。negative

32 \。pleasure

33 \。poverty -

34 \。active

35 \。success

36 \。B

37 \。A

38 \。C

39 \。A

40 \。B


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Task2 of雅思on Dec.1 2018

Some people think that spending on the development of technology of space exploration is not justifiable.They believe there are many beneficial ways to spend these money. Do you agree or disagree?

大家看完这个问题就开始猜了,它属于什么样的问题?其实这是一个政府的话题。大家还会再迷茫吗?但是标题中没有出现 government 这个词?

极速彩票APP虽然表面上没有词 government,但是当谈到 space travel, 时,它会说 spending 只能是 government 的 money, 可以为太空探索拿出这么多钱。

因此,我们又回到了 government 的最经典类型。政府的钱应该用在哪里?

回到话题本身,我们需要把握关键词: spending, space exploration, not justified, beneficial ways。 的确,空间研究的好处是:

可以发掘资源,寻找人类居住的地方,激发年轻人对科学的兴趣。 但是,它需要对人力、物力进行大量的长期投资,短期内没有回报,导致国与国之间的盲目竞争等,其他更有利的方面主要是 解决地球上的危机,如环境污染、生态破坏、经济危机、交通堵塞、贫困等疾病。

Po 姐范雯:

Since humans have the ability to explore outerspace,all governments have invested a large sum of money( 一大笔钱) in space my view,it is impossible to justify( 让。合理) the money spent on such projects。I believe that there are several areas in which the money could be invested better。

Surely,considering the finite and exhaustible energy( 有限资源) on earth,outer space exploration may discover more resources and also expand human beings' habitat in other planets; this might ensure( 确保可以多次使用它来替换家里腐烂的 help) humanity 's long term survival and prevent the Earth from the energy 能源短缺)。In addition,the interest of young people in natural sciences can be stimulated( 利息) as well。 However,more detrimental impacts( 有害影响) might be exerted( 已应用) to either individuals or the whole society。 Space research requires long term commitments( 长期投入) and 巨大的资本消耗),yet can not be rewarded in a short time。 A wealth of( 大量,用于修改不可数) information shows space shuttle disasters and how NASA failed on some of its missions risking the lives of astronauts。

On the other hand, more urgent( 紧急) issues on the Earth could be devoted by the authorities to benefit the whole society。One of the most disturbing problems-the severe environment contamination,such as climate change, global warming and acid rain-would undoubtedly threaten( 威胁) wholesomeness( 健康) of citizens without being reversed effectively。Furthermore,in some remote areas ,a large majority of people are affilicted with( 遭遇,可以更换 suffer from) poverty and famine。To some extent,they deserve more concern compared with those space research serving all mankind。Therefore,the governments should help them alleviate poverty( 摆脱贫困 and improve health by providing financial support。

To conclude,while there are some benefits of embarking on( 订婚) technological exploration on space,public money is more advised to be( 可以) 替换十年不变的 should) utilised on those more esstential fields.


发表于 2019-06-10
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