雅思考试参考答案 亚太地区卷


Section 1 患者与医院门诊工作人员的会话


1-10 填词语

1。 Name: Pretnay 调查名字拼读

2。 Date of birth: 17 March 调查出生年月

3. Address and contact No. 34 Market Road 调查详细地址

4. race: European 人种是外国人

5. the citizen 群众

6. the New Zealand low-income user 英国的低收入者

7. former compnay: the castle hill 以前的企业的姓名

8。 company location: north island 企业位于与北海岛

9。 hours: full-time 全日制教育的工作中

10. specialist: sport 技术专业是健身运动

Section 2 美国人外出就餐科学研究


11-12. two trends mentioned 提及的二种发展趋势

C. family celebrations in expensive restaurants up 在价格昂贵饭店的家中庆贺进而升高

E。 lunchtime dining out down 下午出来吃的频次降低

13-14。 two ways to save more when dining out 出来用餐的那时候划算的二种方法

A。 order two starters instead of one main course 点2个开胃小菜而并不是主菜

B。 order the set meal 点资费

15-20 配对题

15。 Max’s Bar: C

16. Le Garjin: E. more information required 必须大量的信息内容

17。 Pizza Nuoma: B。 helpful details 有效的关键点

18. Harry’s: G. confusing layout 布局令人费解

19. D. unclear picture 不清晰的照片

20. Dizzy’s: F. different portions available 有不一样的分量

Section 3 课堂教学上探讨土壤层难题


21-26 单式

21。 when soil is capturing carbon dioxide, the outcome is 当土壤层消化吸收CO2的那时候,結果是

B。 faster in dry 迅速的干躁

22. 液体防腐剂有哪些优势?

C. waste recycle 非常容易收购

23. Hector’s article ignored the problem of 赫克特的文章内容忽略了哪些难题

A. potential danger 潜在性的风险

24. what can reduce the harmful effect of XXX 什么能够 降低XXX的危害?

A. specialized tools 技术专业小工具

25. most interesting part of woman’s research is in 女士科学研究中最趣味的地区取决于

B. combines two disciplines 融合了2个课程

26. the male student’s thought 男士大学生的念头

A。 ignored by construction industry 被建筑业所忽略

27-30 配对

27。 applied new radical research method: C。 both 运用新的研究法

28. difficulty in reading make readers more interested: B. only Flocci 阅读文章艰难是用户更喜欢

29. problems remain unsolved in future: A. only Hector 难题在将来并未处理

30. will do more research: A. only Hector 会做大量的科学研究

Section 4 飞机场开店选址


31-40 填词语

31。 中国飞机场关键是:business 商业服务

32。 国际性航道关键是:vacation 休闲度假

33。 exported electronic goods 出入口电子设备

34. revenue: large tax contribution 极大的税款奉献

35. convenient linking to highway 非常便捷地联接高速路

36. the land is flat 路面整平

37. including birds 将会有鸟出現

38。 high risk of flooding 非常容易出現水灾

39。 increased traffic 交通出行较多

40. pollution: poor air quality 因为环境污染,空气指数差








Some people think that zoos are cruel and all the zoos should be closed. However, others think zoos are useful to protect rare animals. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.



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Section1 分折重中之重(5篇)






Section 1

极速彩票APP主题风格提醒:青年志愿者新项目资询Volunteer organisation application1-10) completionName of the applicant: example: Sarah Green1。 Address: 63 Mileda Street2。 Language skill: French and Chinese3。 Will bring the old to go shoppingWhat are her specialsites4。 Know how to socialise with people5。 License to drive6。 Where does she live now: south of river7。 Be free only on Wednesday8。 Date to start at: 13th June/6。139。 Put a mail note on the stairs in front of house10。 Where to get the information on the radio

Section 1

主题风格提醒:国际航空公司应聘求职情景女的给男的详细介绍空乘专业工作中1-10) completion1. Name: sara Meehan2. Department: recruitment Department3. There are occasional mid-night flights4. Requirement for skills: English and math5. 29 October 干挠项是15 Nov6. Vision 提及要会区别色调7. Helping customers8. Preparing food9. cultural awareness10. now training of 6 months

Section 1

主题风格提醒:1个woman资询她住的周边有如何的library(example: 她住在大城市/west part of the courtly)1-10) completion1.Address: library in Skellran Street2.Located next to a park3.Saturday weekday: open at 9am till 4.30 pm女的有2个小孩choose two activities4.1个是4-13岁: drama club5.还1个是全部年纪能够报名参加singing every otherSaturday6.母亲想报名参加Adult activity, she will meet local artists club7.能够 借 various magazines8.他说能不能borrow CDs 男的说you can borrow film CDs9.能够 寄明信片post cards, need to provide the card number10.Wide range has two souvenirs sales, and can also buy maps

Section 1

主题风格提醒:驾驶学校的驾驶证申请办理Applying a driver's license1-10) completionExampleLooking for driving lessons given during the: weekends1.Address: 67 King’s Road2.Location in the testing area of city centre, Located next to a park3.Teacher's name: Allen Sutcliffe4.Popular type of car on roads gear type: automatic5.Practice during the night6.Had better: good weather7.Obtain certificate: to get a driving license8.Final test fee: $509.Duration of test approximately 30 minutes10.More advice: must keep a driving diary

Section 1

主题风格提醒:刊登卖二手电脑桌A man calls a newspaper to sell his computer desk1-3) completing the form1。Address: 124 green street2。Phone number: 654 78903。On ‘goods for sale’ section4-5) choose the correct letter4。 Woman: why do you choose your companyA。 a relative’ssuccessful experienceB。cheap5。What type of furniture is the deskA。Antique furnitureB。Home furnitureC。 Office furniture6-10) complete the form6。Heading of the advertisement: Bargain7。Future of the desk: it has a printer shelf8。Condition of the desk: excellent9。The price of the desk: $9910。Fare of the advertisement: $6


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